Virtual Reality

Level up your playground with the future of play

Explore new worlds without leaving your play centre…

Virtual reality is a simulated experience to bring joy and fun that is truly out of this world! VR gives the user an immersive experience, engaging all the senses and transporting the user to new and exciting frontiers.

Virtual reality systems use either virtual reality headsets or multi-projected environments to generate realistic images, sounds and sensations to simulate the feeling of physical presence. The user can look around and interact with the world around them, through auditory and visual effects, and haptic technology.

VR can stimulate role playing, sports, adventures, expeditions, learning, puzzles, physical activity and more. There is truly something for all ages, abilities and preferences for play!

The future of play is here! 

Virtual reality systems can instantly bring your play centre to life. VR Playgrounds are not only about opening up new worlds and levels of fun, but they can support educational, sensory and development programs with motor and cognitive skills development, particularly within the formative years. VR can support programs such as educational lessons, tours, storytelling, challenges and quizzes. And the best part? The user will never be bored!

 Bringing the future of play to your playground will futureproof your business and allow you to keep your finger on the pulse of what is new and exciting. Your customers will keep coming back for more, making your playground the place to be for those local and visiting.

Check out our virtual reality range below to level up your playground.

6 Seat VR Dark Mars

Virtual Reality Cinema

virtual reality

vr cinema

Virtual Reality Battleship

Virtual Reality Drop Tower

vr battleship

vr drop tower

VR Earthquake Education Platform

Vibrating Virtual Reality

vr earthquake

vibrating vr

5 Seats VR Education Platform

Mini Dome Cinema

vr education platform
mini dome cinema vr

5D Dynamic Cinema

7D Interactive Cinema

7d interactive cinema

Military Shooting Theme

Virtual Reality Mecha

Funni Virtual Reality

funni vr

FPS Arena

Infinite War

fps arena
infinite war

Gatling VR Simulator

E-Space Virtual Reality Walk

Gatling VR simulator

e space vr walk

Virtual Reality Free Roaming

Auto Virtual Reality

vr free roaming

auto vr

Hunting Bar

Virtual Reality Escape Room

hunting bar

vr escape room

VR Aerospace Theme

Eagle Flight VR

Virtual Reality Flyboard

eagle flight vr

vr flyboard

720 Degree Flight Simulator

Virtual Reality Spacecraft

720 degree flight simulator

vr spacecraft

Space Time Shuttle Simulator

Virtual Reality Airplane

space shuttle simulator

vr airplane

Virtual Reality Spaceship

360 degree VR Simulator

vr spaceship
360 vr simulator

Racing Theme

VR Racing Moto

VR Racing Kart

vr racing moto
vr racing kart