The Difference a Ninja Park Can Make

When you think ‘ninja warrior’, do you picture a shadowy figure leaping across buildings and throwing star-shaped weapons toward their enemies? You wouldn’t be the only one!

If this is where the concept of a ‘ninja’ ends for you, nobody could blame you for assuming that a ninja playground is something that sounds more sinister and scary than it does silly and fun. But don’t be fooled! When your child receives their invite to the local ninja course, they are in for a world of fun, flips, climbing and leaps, so much more than crime fighting and defeating enemies (that part only happens in their imaginations).

Whether you’re considering incorporating an obstacle course or ninja warrior course in your next adventure park, or you’re a parent whose serious about fun – read on to discover all you need to know about ninja parks, from their health benefits to the reasons why kids love them so much!

What Makes a Ninja Warrior Course Different from an Obstacle Course?

While there is similarity in both styles of play, the key difference is the space between obstacles. For instance, ninja course obstacles are generally close together, encouraging you to keep moving and maneuvering with a minimum of touching the ground. Obstacle courses are usually longer and have distance between obstacles, so running between obstacles is common. They both create the opportunity for fun, exercise, agility and focus, while stimulating imagination and creativity, in order to navigate as safely and as quickly as possible.

ninja playground

What they both encourage though is fantasy and role play, which are important parts of childhood. They also develop the imagination by allowing children to step into the ‘shoes’ of their favourite character, testing their strength, agility and creativity.

Harnessing mental and physical strength through ninja play and indoor obstacle courses provides a wonderful avenue for everything from getting out the rainy day sillies to expanding their creative and intellectual capacities.

One thing is for sure – by providing ninja play at your play centre, or by visiting your local ninja warrior course with your kids, you will be helping them to overcome even more obstacles than what is right in front of them.

The Top Benefits of Ninja Play

Ninja play and ninja courses benefit the mind and the body – the benefits go hand in hand. The more they play and manoeuvre the more their minds develop in terms of mental agility, focus and creativity, along with the corresponding physical development of strength, fitness and balance.

The benefits of regular ninja play are as follows:

1. Improves functional strength

The main objective of ninja play is for the participants to navigate obstacles to reach the finish line. This can be a race or simply a test of skill, and draws on the use of muscles all throughout the body. Every element of the course will require different levels of strength and a range of motion, from the upper body strength required to climb the warped wall, to the balance needed to negotiate a series of frog steps.

To be a successful ninja warrior, your overall functional strength must be well developed, and ninja classes or regular stints in the ninja playground offer a brilliant way to get you there.

2. Fosters flexibility

Flexibility goes hand in hand with the importance of strength when it comes to being a successful ninja warrior. A lack of flexibility can impact confidence with the next ring pull feeling too far out of reach, however with regular ninja play the ninja will find obstacles that appeared too far away at first, are now within reach.

Where kids and adults living a modern life may not have the daily opportunities to stretch their bodies beyond assumed ability, ninja play encourages longer reaches, improving flexibility and pushing perceived limits.

3. Develops balance

As adults we often think of balance as juggling gym sessions and eating salads, versus our love of cupcakes and the comfy couch! Balance in children though is much more developmental and vital for their confidence, posture and long-term health. Ninja warrior courses often have multiple balancing elements, from walking along beams to scaling a rope ladder, to leaping between different heights and landing successfully. This requires players to think quickly, rely on their gross motor skills, and maintain concentration. All important life skills!

4. Advanced agility

Agility is an important aspect of fitness no matter what the age or stage of your life. Involving a combination of speed, strength and coordination, a typical run through a ninja course will require quick thinking and recalculations, improving both the agility of both the mind and body.

Obstacles may force the participant to stop, rethink and try again, teaching kids an important part of life. Having a good level of agility can allow children to pick up new sports with ease, enjoy an active lifestyle as they age, and make events such as the school athletics carnival a little less challenging.

5. Increased spatial awareness and focus

While a ninja warrior course won’t necessarily give your kids more spatial awareness in terms of giving you your personal space, it will improve their awareness of how their body interacts with its surrounds.

Ninja warrior students need to have a good understanding of the obstacles they face, and how they can manoeuvre to overcome them. Through trial and error, they will gain a better understanding of how their movement impacts the world around them. Say goodbye to clumsiness!

6. Improves core strength

Core strength is the secret to success no matter what sport you play, and developing habits to promote core strength from an early age provides a brilliant pathway to good health and athleticism. Your core muscles are responsible for transferring power and strength throughout your body, and can aid in every day functions such as maintaining good posture and keeping the neck and spine strong.

Athletes with poor core strength may appear off balance, have less control over their movements, and inadvertently place themselves at higher risk of injury. Ninja warrior play allows children early exposure to movements which can help set them up for strength throughout their life.

7. Stimulates imagination

From cops and robbers to doctors and nurses, imaginative play is something that remains a timeless past time for children all over the world. Where modern technology would threaten the frequency of which a child engages with imaginative play, parents everywhere are constantly looking for avenues to stimulate and grow their child’s imagination. Creative minds are the problem-solvers of the future!

Ninja play provides the perfect avenue, with each challenge supporting a different point of view and opportunity for new storylines. Their minds can run free with endless possibilities.

8. Problem solving to overcome tricky obstacles

Just like in life, not everything is a success on the first try in a ninja warrior course. Throughout this process children learn about perseverance, how to fail safely, and gain improved self confidence as they eventually overcome challenges. While it may seem scary for a parent, teaching your children how to fall well – and get back up again – are lifelong skills that can never be taught too early or reinforced over time.

9. Small successes lead to big wins

Whether it’s negotiating a climbing wall and conquering a fear of heights, to beating a personal best time from start to finish without a single fall, these small successes will have a lasting impact on your child. Small successes lead to bigger wins. There’s nothing like the smile on your child’s face and the pure joy in their yahoos as they conquer a particular aspect of a ninja course that has thwarted them previously. Sheer joy for both parent and child with high-5s all round!

Why Kids Love all Things Ninja Play

First and foremost, it’s fun!

It’s not just physical, it’s a creative outlet. Kids are often underestimated in both their physical and mental capacities. Ninja play allows for even the busiest children to burn their energy while engaging their senses and improving their ability to focus.

Whether ninja warrior play is your favourite way to spend the weekend, or you’re looking to run ninja classes as part of your new business plan, you can rest assured that you are providing some of the best opportunities for fun and both physical and mental development for the kids in your care.

If you’re looking to create your own ninja warrior course from scratch, we can help. We have ninja warrior and obstacle courses being built across the country, used for birthday parties, ninja training, casual weekend sessions and more!

Get in touch with our friendly crew today to request a catalogue, or to start making your ninja play dreams come to life. Otherwise, check out our completed projects here to find the inspiration you’ve been looking for.