Toddler Soft Play Equipment

Make your toddler soft play zone beneficial for both the physical and mental development of your littlest customers.

A toddler soft play zone creates an attraction for both parents and their little ones, making the entire family want to come back time and time again. Whether you’re planning for a space to keep young ones entertained while their parents enjoy a hot meal, you’re planning a toddler soft play zone in your adventure park, have a specific space in mind for toddler therapy needs, or your vision is totally unique; we can help!

Our toddler soft play range includes options for whether you want a handful of soft play items, or a full scale fit out. We are fully equipped to manufacture high quality soft play additions, such as floor and wall pads, in house, to compliment our range of themed and unthemed items perfectly. We are proud to be your one stop shop for high quality, Australian made indoor soft play items.

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Bring the WOW factor to your venue!

A toddler soft play zone can bring the WOW factor to any venue, from an attraction at a large scale adventure park, to a kids play area in a café. Providing options for all ages will make your venue a hot spot for local and visiting families, keeping even the busiest toddler happy and entertained.

A well designed and quality manufactured toddler soft play zone can provide a wealth of benefits, both physical and mental, to their users. Our range includes play panels, toddler rockers, themed or unthemed soft play products, role play centres, character tumblers, sensory wall panels, and more! Check out some of our range below, or get in touch with our crew to discuss options for your toddler soft play zone.

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Make your Toddler Soft Play Zone Come to Life…

Soft Play Toddler Panels

soft play toddler panels

Soft Play Role Play Centres

Soft play role play centres

Soft Play Tumblers

soft play tumblers

Soft Play Toddler Rockers

Soft Play Rock + Roll

Soft play toddler rockers

Soft Play Building Blocks

Soft play building blocks

Soft Play Soft Cushions

Soft Play Cushions

Soft Play Themed Toddler Areas

Soft play themed toddler areas

Themed Soft Play

Themed soft play

Unthemed Soft Play

Unthemed soft play