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Playgrounds For Shopping Centres

Attract more families to your shopping centre with our playground range.

Line of Sight Playground

Play. Explore. Learn

Attract more families to your shopping centre

If you’ve ever experienced the wave of relief of sighting a playground in a busy shopping centre, right when your kids are starting to run out of patience – you’ll understand the importance of a line of sight playground!

MJ Playgrounds designs and manufactures state-of-the-art indoor playgrounds designed to transform shopping centres into family-friendly destinations. Our innovative playgrounds not only entertain children but also offer parents peace of mind through our exceptional line of sight designs.

Some Of Our Playground
Range for Shopping Centres

Line of site playgrounds

Line Of Sight Playgrounds

Most shopping centres dictate that any structure located within a walkway or rotunda be limited in height to ensure they meet line of sight (LOS) guidelines.  A line of sight playground will provide the perfect solution.

playground design services

PODPLAY Modular Playgrounds

Our modular play equipment – PODPLAY – allows for ease of installation, is completely customisable, cost friendly, and always Australian made

softplay playgrounds

Soft Play Playground Equipment

A toddler soft play zone creates an attraction for both parents and their little ones, making the entire family want to come back time and time again. 

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