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Playground Design

As part of our indoor playground services we provide Indoor playground design services for indoor play structures as well as complete layouts of family entertainment centres is one of many areas we specialise in. You will be in direct contact with the designer which assures you get exactly what you are looking for with no time wasted.

Installation + Relocation

Building an indoor play structure is not as easy as it looks, there is a large amount of risk by employing overseas companies to build your structure as they have little to no regard for Australian Standards and no means of after sales service. Choose the safest option and employ MJ Playgrounds for your installation & relocation needs.


Maintenance is one of the most important areas of a Soft Play structure for all concerned including the operator and the end user. If a Soft Play structure is not maintained to a high standard there is a risk of serious injury or in a worst case the death. MJ Playgrounds can offer an alternative in maintenance services across the range of Soft Contained Play Structures though out Australia.

Playground Refurbishment

MJ Playgrounds offers two options of playground refurbishment, Aesthetic Refurbishment and Complete Refurbishment. MJ Playgrounds only use the highest quality products from Australia and around the world coupled with the experienced staff at MJ Playgrounds you can have peace of mind the job will be done correctly and stand the test of time.

Playground Cleaning

MJ Playgrounds Pty Ltd. was founded in 2013 by Matt Perry who has been in the industry for over ten years and is also a parent and wanted safer and cleaner playgrounds for their children to play. Through superior playground cleaning services and detailed safety inspections, we eliminate the hazards with playground and play structures.

MJ Playgrounds only uses the best quality materials and products with the best prices in Australia making us the top indoor playground suppliers in Australia.

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