Sensory Playground Equipment

Bring equipment and activities to your space to enhance motor skills, calm the senses, inspire development while providing a place for play and exercise.

At MJ Playgrounds, we understand that there are many different views on the sensory playground equipment and elements that make up a true sensory room.

This will differ between colour variations and the need for quiet rooms, the level of activities, number of items and the space available in your facility. Our in-house designers will work with you through every step of the design process for cater for your individual needs and requests.

With ongoing guidance from leaders in the care and education of children living with autism and special needs, we have developed an extensive range of specifically designed muted colour soft play equipment, furnishings, sensory pods, wall & floor pads and sensory swings. All proudly Australian made.

We will work with you to incorporate these elements into your sensory room, along with gadget panels, multi-coloured bubble tubes, optic fibre sensory strands, quiet rooms and more.

Take a look at some of the unique benefits we can bring with our sensory playground equipment below…


There are differing views on the sensory playground equipment, design, colour variations, level of activities, quiet rooms and elements that make up a true sensory room. We create designs for each individual customer based on their space and specific needs. Our team of in house designers ensure that we have flexibility to cater to each individual design request. We can provide an array of complimentary equipment such as soft furnishings, wall / floor pads, Beam and OM Interactive projection systems, and sensory swings that are manufactured in Australia. Elements such as gadget panels, multi-coloured bubble tubes, optic fibre sensory strands and quiet rooms can be added to the structure. We carry a range of muted colours to suit your requirements and we manufacture individual sensory pods or multiple pods housing various elements for special needs children. Our interactive projection systems project an interactive image onto walls, floors or table tops to make the surface come alive to encourage movement, interaction, engagement and expression. Bring the power of play to your loved ones living with Autism today.

sensory room playgrounds
sensory climbing cube
sensory room


Enhance your sensory room with our versatile climbing cubes, designed to create a dynamic and engaging environment. Our climbing cubes feature an array of elements including climbing ladders, climbing stones, ball ropes, nest swings, and hanging pods, making them the ideal addition to your sensory space.⁠

Not only do our climbing cubes provide an immersive sensory experience, but they also offer a budget-friendly solution that allows for quick and hassle-free installation. These cubes have become a favourite among our clients in the medical field, enabling them to transform their rental spaces into interactive havens without compromising the existing infrastructure.⁠

Imagine the joy and excitement that swinging chairs, a climbing wall, and ladders can bring to your sensory room. With our climbing cubes, you can create a stimulating environment that promotes active play, coordination, and sensory exploration. Watch as individuals of all ages benefit from the therapeutic and engaging qualities of these innovative structures.⁠

Contact us today to explore the possibilities and discover how our climbing cubes can transform your room into a captivating sensory experience.


Interactive projectors from MJ Playgrounds project an image onto almost any flat surface (eg. wall, floor, table top) and come alive when interacted with. Pre-loaded with over 100 games and effects specifically designed for children living with autism and/or special needs, our interactive projectors encourage movement and interaction, and of course provide hours of fun! Our projectors beam onto the floor and walls which react to even the smallest movement you make. Fish will swim up and appear to nibble on your toes, leaves scatter as you run across them and digital bubbles burst when you jump on them. An interactive projector can be incorporated into your sensory playground, or purchased on their own.

sensory interactive projector


Our Bubble Tubes are a focal point for any sensory room with their engaging, constantly moving bubbles and colour changing lights. A bubble tube can create a relaxed and calming atmosphere, can reduce anxiety and provide a fun environment. Suitable for all ages and abilities, bubble tubes can create an engaging, stimulating and inclusive learning environment which helps improve visual development, colour recognition and communication skills.


These interactive fibre optic fine cables create both a great visual and textural element to your sensory play space. Bright and vibrant colours of your choice flow through the filaments which create a mood lifting environment.

sensory fibre optic
sensory filaments


Sensory wall panels bring sensory play to any space!

Wall mounted interactive sensory toys invite kids to explore and  play. Engaging tactile surfaces, sound and light promote focus as kids manipulate buttons, touch screens and more.

Wall panels add a sensory element to rooms, promoting cognitive development while supporting sensory needs.