Playground Maintenance

Your playground and it’s patrons deserve the best in care and maintenance…

Playground maintenance is one of the most important aspects of a playground for all concerned including the operator and the end user. If a play structure is not maintained to a high standard, there is a risk of serious injury or in worst case, death. This can result in loss of business and potential court proceeding for the operator. With a commitment to Australian Standards, our experienced crew can provide your playground with the care it needs, and you with the confidence you need to run your business.

Why you should use MJ Playgrounds


    Regular maintenance of your play structure will ensure that you do not have extensive repair cost at one time, with programmed maintenance your operating cost will improve significantly with the forecast of maintenance and repair cost easily managed.


    MJ Playgrounds estimates through thorough research that maintenance programs can help avoid 30–40% of playground accidents. Additionally, 60% of playground litigation alleges poor or lack of maintenance as the primary cause for the accident.


    Your indoor play structure is a major investment. If the appearance is first-rate, your customers will notice and will keep coming back! Protect your investment by letting us maintain it for you.


    In addition to your play structure looking good if it’s properly maintained, it will also last longer by keeping your equipment both safe and in good shape with our safety audits and regular inspections. When you maintain your equipment on a regular basis, you’re guaranteeing its appearance and safety.

MJ Playgrounds work on a traffic light system which takes the guess work out of knowing what is an urgent repair and what is not. The traffic light system is as simple as it sounds. When MJ Playgrounds provides you with a formal quote, there are three colours being green, amber and red. Green are safe and sound items, Amber will mean the repair needs to happen on the next visit or in the near future and Red is an urgent repair and must be repaired for safety reasons immediately.

Maintenance consists of replacing netting panels, cable ties, post foam and other general consumable items as well as the large range of play items mounted inside the structures, which are a combination of closed and open cell foam, timber/MDF and a PVC covers. These items come in a large array of shapes and sizes depending on the manufacturer and size and style of playground.

All Your Playground Maintenance Needs – Covered!

Ad Hoc Playground Maintenance

If you have an emergency repair or simply need one off repairs to your structure we can arrange an inspection by MJ Playgrounds highly trained staff or alternatively you can email photos through to save the inspections cost. If you have a safety concerns please don’t hesitate to call for advice.

  • Emergency repairs completed straight away to prevent closure of structure
  • No fuss No obligation quoting process
  • Highly trained staff completing Inspections and works
  • All work strictly adheres to ALL relevant Australian standards

If you are a Family Entertainment Centre, ad hoc maintenance can be offered to you on a payment plan, as maintenance can be a large part of operating costs of a play centre. This system will allow your centre to control your cash flow more accurately and allow you to budget for a monthly payment rather than the potential thousands of dollars of repairs at one time.

playground refurbishment
playground maintenance

Programmed Playground Maintenance

Service is designed to eliminate the risk of injury as well as control your operating costs. This allows you the operator to concentrate on the important role of operating your Centre. Programmed Maintenance arrangement with MJ Playgrounds is to establish a Maintenance, Inspection and Cleaning Program that reduces the need for emergency repairs and potential closure of the play a

  • Programmed Maintenance is customised to suit your centre
  • Highly trained staff completing Inspections and works
  • Complete no fuss Programmed Maintenance & Cleaning schedule
  • Reduces the need for emergency repairs and potential closure of the play area
  • Optional Daily or Weekly inspection and reporting service (extra cost)
  • 10% discount on all cleaning services whilst agreement is in place after initial visit
  • 10% Discount on material for maintenance works whilst agreement in place after initial visit
  • All work strictly adheres to ALL relevant Australian standards

This service is complemented with a cleaning service detailed below and if you combine the two your end result is a safe, clean and sterile environment for all to enjoy, with all work carried out strictly aheres to all relevant Australia Standards.

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