Playground Cleaning

Through superior playground cleaning services and detailed safety inspections, we eliminate the hazards with playground and play structures.

We ensure children are safe to play!

Our playground cleaning clients experience a new level of clean and safety. Our second-to-none playground cleaning service includes detailed cleaning and sanitizing, debris removal, state of the art equipment and cleaning processes. MJ reliable crews truly care for children’s health and safety and guarantee that we do what we are hired to do — create a safer and cleaner place for children to play. No details are left undone and flexible safety inspections can be added onto your cleaning work.

Using non-allergenic, non-corrosive cleaning and disinfectants, our experienced team will clean and sanitize every area of your play structure. Our contained, specialized high pressure low water steam cleaning machine will clean the structure completely. We pay careful attention to crevasses and other hard to access areas such as on top of your structure and in and around closed of areas and all exteriors of tube and open slides.

Our detailed cleaning services of indoor soft contained play structures include:

+ Spraying all surfaces with an antimicrobial cleaning agent

+ Scrubbing all surfaces to remove grime and debris

+ High pressure low water steam cleaning on low level areas

+ Smaller structures will have all components removed to ensure all trapped debris is removed that are not normally removed from a standard cleaning service.

+ Contained high pressure steam cleaning, sanitizing and water removal

+ Graffiti removal

+ Debris removal — Gum, Food, Sticky Substances, etc.

+ Cleaning of tubes, steps, slides, joints, post foam and shoe racks

+ Vacuum flooring under play structure

Every member of our team is committed to safety, and stick to Australian Standards for safety in all of their practices. You can rest assured that your playground is in the best hands.

Contact us today for a custom quote about cleaning and maintaining your indoor soft contained play structures. Not sure what type of programmed cleaning is right for your structure? We can help!