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Challenge yourself & race your mates!

Ninja play is taking the world of play by storm! With its combination of fun and challenges to overcome, a Ninja Warrior Course can improve agility, spatial awareness and focus, stimulate the imagination, improve core strength, develop balance and flexibility, all while being totally fun! Kids of all ages can race their mates and test their skills through a complex course of bends, leaps, climbs, flips and spins. Race through maze walls, obstacles and trampolines with different adrenaline pumping zones. Created to challenge visitors, a ninja warrior course can provide an amazing workout and endless fun.

Ninja play is more than just fun…

A ninja warrior course is packed full of benefits, with more than meets the eye. These include:

+ Improves functional strength

+ Fosters flexibility

+ Develops balance

+ Advanced agility

+ Increased spatial awareness and focus

+ Improves core strength

+ Stimulates imagination

+ Problem solving

+ and much more!

Adding a Ninja Warrior Course to your playground is sure to make your venue the talk of the town, with your patrons coming back for more time and time again. If you want to extend the fun throughout the week, after school ninja classes can provide an excellent opportunity for an additional service for your venue. With different levels to cater to all, from the smallest ninja’s to the most agile, our ninja warrior course range has all you need for action packed fun.

To discuss making your venue come to life with a ninja warrior course, get in touch with our friendly crew today!

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