PODPLAY Modular Play Equipment

Our modular play equipment – PODPLAY – allows for ease of installation, is completely customisable, cost friendly, and always Australian made

Modular play equipment allows for easy installation without the need for structural changes to the building. This is perfect for both static and mobile environments, for renters and property owners alike. Perhaps you have a small kids area in your venue or want to bring some fun to your restaurant without the stress of impacting the surrounding environment…PODPLAY is the answer!

Our range of modular play equipment is designed and manufactured in Australia. The ease of installation makes the cost of purchasing one of our PODPLAY range much less compared to the traditional form of soft contained play. PODPLAY’s modular design makes this system very easy to add to, dismantle and relocate if the need ever arises due to selling your structure or simply relocating to a new premises.  The added bonus is if you ever need to re locate or sell your structure there is minimal cost for this process as there is no need to strip the netting and foam or disassemble each individual piece, which means PODPLAY holds its value extremely well. Our PODPLAY range is constructed with a welded steel frame, high quality Tuff Pad post foam, knotless nylon anti climb netting, heavy duty PVC and supplied with Germblock ball pool balls and safety signage.

podplay modular playground design

MJ Playgrounds has the largest range of playground equipment Australia wide.

If you’re ready to become a player in the playground game with your own mobile play business, our PODPLAY range can help! Our modular play equipment can be designed and manufactured to be as light as possible for ease of moving from venue to venue.

The PODPLAY range conforms and exceeds all relevant Australian standards relating to soft contained play, for a list of the relevant standards please see the about us section of our website.

Thanks to our different sized options, we will have a solution for the age groups, target customer and amount of kids you want to provide play to. Our customisable, Australian made modular play equipment range is suitable for any type of commercial environment included but not limited to family entertainment centres, retail centres, clubs and pubs. Check out some of our options below to find your inspiration.


Our modular play equipment – SMALL PODPLAY (S PODPLAY) – is a great system for most applications including but not limited to toddler areas in an entertainment centre, clubs, pubs, restaurants, carnivals, mobile playgrounds and retail environments.

This particular system is especially good for open areas throughout shopping centres where the need to adhere to site lines is imperative. The height of S PODPLAY ranges between 1.2meters and 1.4 meters, and L PODPLAY is 2 meters high, up to a height of 2.65mtrs if required.

S PODPLAY is also mobile to allow for ease of relocation if necessary with two different styles of flooring available depending on your application.

S & L PODPLAY is designed for the age group of 3-7 year olds.

large podplay
large podplay design


Our EXTRA LARGE PODPLAY (XL PODPLAY) mobile play equipment is a great system for most applications including but not limited to main play structures for entertainment centres, clubs, pubs, restaurants and retail environments.

XL PODPLAY can have tube slides and tube climbs as well as open top slides built into them. This makes this system a very cost effective comparison and great alternative to your traditional soft contained play structures, while providing the same wow factor of larger playgrounds. Although these structures are quite large, the modular design makes this system very easy to dismantle and relocate if the need ever arises due to selling your structure or simply relocating to a new premises.

The height of XL PODPLAY is between 2.8 meters and 5.2 meters high

XL PODPLAY is designed and manufactured for the age group of 6 to 13 years old.


Our PODPLAY BALL POOL AND BABY AREAS range is designed and manufactured in Australia and conforms to all relevant Australian standards relating to soft contained play. This completely modular system allows for ease of installation and relocation. All while being constructed with only the highest quality and most robust material made to stand the test of time in both commercial and residential environments.

Our ball pool range suits basically any application you can think of.

We can customise your modular play equipment to suit your needs regarding size, colour and budget. For a customized design please contact our friendly team and we will create a design to suit your needs and vision perfectly.