Line Of Sight Playground Equipment

line of site playground equipment

Most shopping centres dictate that any structure located within a walkway or rotunda be limited in height to ensure they meet Line of Sight (LOS) guidelines. Those guidelines ensure that if a shopper is standing on one side of a walkway they must be able to see the signage of a shop on the opposite side of that walkway.

This can also be said for hotels, pubs and clubs as limiting the height of a playground reduces the impact that a full height playground may have on the visual amenity.

MJ Playgrounds new LOS playgrounds are limited to 1500mm high but still jam packed with activities to keep the children active and entertained. The pod structure allows the dimensions to be customised to suit your floor area from a 4 pod structure to a 10 pod structure and we can also mount an interactive projector or a security fence on the larger structures if required.

The pod structure allows for easy re-location by either our staff or the centre management staff. We have found our playgrounds to be highly effective in drawing customers to their location therefore  in larger shopping areas that have multiple refreshment outlets you can periodically move the playground to ensure all shopkeepers gain the same custom.