Interactive Projection

Build Customer Enthusiasm And Loyalty Through Unique Experiences

Bring an exciting point of difference to your play area

We provide a range of interactive projection systems to turn any space into an immersive, engaging and highly entertaining virtual experience. From ball pit projections to interactive digital floors and even a virtual pool table – we have interactive options to suit any style of play.

Our interactive digital systems can bring instant fun, colour and activity to any space. Some of the benefits include:

+ Entertaining and a great form of exercise

+ Encourages fun, active and corporative play

+ High level of interactivity helps children socialise

+ Visually stimulating to captivate your audience

+ Perfect entertainment for your business

+ Intuitive and easy to use

+ Conveniently fits into existing open spaces

+ Projects directly onto open floors

+ Low maintenance, germ free and easy to clean

+ Easy to install, no major remodeling needed

+ Safe to use with no moving parts

With real time feedback and high quality sensitivity, your visitors will never get bored while creating fun and lasting memories. Not only will children enjoy both physical and mental stimulation, parents will return to your establishment time and time again for the multitude of benefits that interactive play creates.

The perfect sensory solution…

Our interactive projects are pre loaded with over 100 different games and effects designed for those living with autism and/or special needs. Encouraging movement, interaction, and of course fun, an interactive projector is the perfect addition for your sensory play space. Interactive projectors can be mounted onto a wall, floor or roof to project onto any flat surface, making the room come to life.

Included in our range is the OMI Interactive Projection System which provides a wealth of stimulating and rich activities and a range of benefits to children, those with special needs, senior adults and those living with dementia. With games, music, images and social activities, OMI projectors can provide engagement and motivation to all generations, making any play space accessible, beneficial and equipped for multi-sensory use.

Get in touch with our friendly crew to discuss bringing the new generation of play to your space.

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