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MJ Playgrounds Installation and Relocation services are regarded as the best in Australia with honest and efficient staff, and excellent project management of any type of indoor playground installation or relocation.

  • Are you looking at purchasing a soft playground structure from overseas?
  • Are you looking to purchase a second hand structure?
  • Do you need to relocate and existing play structure to the same building, same state or interstate?

MJ Playgrounds and our team of highly trained staff can take care of your every need for all types of Soft Contained Play Structures throughout Australia.

If you are buying from overseas, second hand or are a manufacturer of Soft Contained Play Structures look no further. The experience at MJ Playgrounds is second to none we have over 17 years experience in erecting indoor play structures. Building an indoor play structure is not as easy as it looks there are a lot of people who have attempted to build a structure they have purchased from overseas and failed or spent a lot more money than necessary. There is a large amount of risk by employing overseas companies to build your structure as they have little to no regard for Australian Standards and no means of after sales service. Choose the safest option and employ MJ Playgrounds for your installation & relocation needs.

Rest assured all works carried out by MJ Playgrounds strictly adhere to the relevant Australian Standards.

Second Hand Installations

Second Hand Installations can be a mine field; MJ Playgrounds provides a complete no fuss service including Equipment Inspection, Relocation and Installation service of any type of Soft Contained Play Equipment which may be still erected or in storage in pieces. If you are looking to purchase a second hand equipment MJ Playgrounds can assist you to obtain the best possible outcome in the purchase of your equipment and provide a no obligation quote on installation and Relocation costs. There are many hidden dangers when purchasing a second hand structure regarding safety and costs so let team at MJ Playgrounds remove the risk all together.

Playground Relocating

Relocating an indoor play structure can be a very time consuming and costly exercise if not carried out in the correct manner. Depending on the style of Indoor structure you have there can be many different components and many different ways to dismantle the structure. If the dismantling of the structure is not performed correctly there is a very significant chance that it may not go back together quite as easily if at all. There is also risk of damage to your expensive equipment. MJ Playground’s team will provide a hassle free service which includes taking care of dismantling, logistics, storage and re installation of all types of Soft Play Equipment throughout Australia.

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