Australian Made Week at MJ Playgrounds

Tennis champion, Ash Barty kicked off Australian Made Week on May 15th at MJ Playgrounds.

As the ambassador for Australian Made Week (AMW), Barty is leading the charge to support local businesses and manufacturers by urging consumers to choose authentic Australian products proudly adorned with the renowned green-and-gold logo.

MJ Playgrounds, with great pride, holds its Australian Made certification, a symbol that instantly distinguishes genuine Australian brands. The Australian Made logo enables buyers from both domestic and international markets to identify and support our nation’s authentic offerings. Beyond our commitment to creating cutting-edge play equipment and providing endless fun for our users, we are actively creating job opportunities in regional areas, fostering economic development, and contributing to the growth of our local economy.

Join us in celebrating Australian Made Week and visit to learn more about how you can contribute to the success of local businesses and the growth of our economy. Let’s make a difference by choosing authentic Australian products during this important week and beyond.