Airplay Indoor Playground Equipment

Our Airplay indoor playground range is a build on site system for ease of access and flexibility with design

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Airplay – the unique playground feature you’ve been looking for.

Have you ever experienced the struggle of entertaining older kids at the playground? Or wanted to do more than just sit on the sidelines and watch? Airplay is the solution!

Our unique, colourful, exciting and customisable Airplay indoor playground range can bring something new and exciting to your playground. Fun for all ages, Airplay involves shooting lightweight balls to a target in a test of skill, accuracy and speed. Mates can race each other and families can enjoy a battle of skill, in a safe, fun and exciting environment. Airplay is sure to become a quick favourite among the crowds, and always has punters lining up for more.

Our Airplay indoor playground range is a custom designed and manufactured system to suit the size, layout and design of your space. Our entire range conforms to and exceeds all relevant Australian standards relating to soft contained play.

High quality construction for serious play…

Our Airplay indoor playground range is a build on site system allowing for ease of access and flexibility with design. Expertly built with only the best material, our Airplay range is made to stand the test of time in both commercial and residential environments. We provide a 3D design so you know exactly what you are purchasing.

Construction is a meccanostyle steel frame with cast fittings, high quality Tuff Pad post foam and Knotless nylon netting. Heavy duty PVC with safety signage is also supplied. We have a choice of three different styles of floor depending on the space.

Airplay provides the perfect addition to your ninja park, adventure play or indoor play centre. Give players the chance to race their mates in a battle of skill, accuracy and speed – with a good dose of luck! Bring something different that will have people coming back for more, with an Airplay indoor playground..

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